Union Girl

from by John D Revelator

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Lament for the left wing & dedicated to Brothers Tony & Bob who we lost this year. The Union Girl in the title could be viewed as an allegory for the nation, were I poncy enough to do that sort of thing! However, it’s really just an excuse to tell a few gags! Being privileged enough to study in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire in the 80s, I’ve seen the best & worst of Socialism & I miss it!


Union Girl
G Em
When we first met I was young & foolish – she was NUS
Though I was just out of school I thought we should congress
With my knowledge of “Das Kapital” I knew she’d be impressed
I scored top Marx for politics when my Union Girl said “yes”

We made our resolutions we swore we’d be comrades
Those times behind the picket lines were the best I ever had
We talked of revolution and solidarity
Sought socialist solutions my Union Girl & me

Am C G
So break out beer & sandwiches, let the old red flags unfurl
Am D C D G
I’l l stop my crying & recall the time when she was my Union Girl

All too soon all Socialist workers have to go to work
She took a job in management, I became a shop steward
She said “to beat your enemy, you have to sing his song”
It’s about that time it seemed to me it started going wrong

She turned Tory in a flash, it felt like overnight
She made an unseemly dash to do what she thought was right
Her head was turned by cold hard cash, she rendered me bereft
She shacked up with some stockbroker & now I’m all that’s left

Instrumental “the red flag” !

Break (over hand claps)
Walesa, Gormley, Crowe & Benn – we’ll never see their likes again
Jimmy Reid, Aneurin Bevan - They’re all up there, to the left of Heaven

Shes living down in Essex now, somewhere near Basildon
I’ve lost my deposit, my marginal seat has swung
Though I crave her lower middle, the class war’s lost & won
She prefers the feel of Gucci on her heel to the thoughts of Mao Tse Tung
Ch x2
Huddled by the brazier, as the smoke billows & curls
My mind’s stuck on that picket line where she was my Union Girl


from Revelution!, released November 14, 2014



all rights reserved


John D Revelator Edinburgh, UK

Get ready to revelate with John D Revelator!

John D Revelator are John Diment (guitar, mandolin, cigar box, whistles & accordion). Ann Diment (percussion, washboard & backing vocals). , Geraint Coll (Guitar) Smudge (bass & backing vocal) Other members Col Baird (guitar & backing vocals) & Nick Matthews (bass, guitar, drums in fact anything you can make a noise with & backing vocals!) ... more

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